Good News for Holy Week by Dan Nelson

It’s the conclusion of Holy Week, the annual remembrance of when the passion of the Christ culminated in gruesome torture holy-week2and death on a blood-stained cross, a somber burial in a newly hewn tomb, and an exuberant, miraculous, Sunday morning resurrection.  The promise of God was fulfilled that weekend and the essentials of the Christian faith were accomplished: God purchased humanity from the clutches of hell with his own blood to offer the free gift of salvation by his grace, to all who would receive it in faith. This action, as a whole, is the single most important event in the history of humanity, leaving only one remaining piece to launch his life-changing movement: the empowering of his followers with his own Holy Spirit.

The procession that launched the week in his triumphal entry into Jerusalem set Jesus on a trajectory straight to his eminent outcome. From the perspective of his murderers, it was prudent to extinguish the rebel to maintain the status quo. In the mind of Jesus, it was ordained since before the foundations of the world. His death would be people’s only hope; all other pursuits for purpose would be meaningless in the light of sin and its effects. Thus, it was Jesus’ intention to finish what he started. He would suffer and die at the hands of the very people he was trying to save. And as weird as it sounds, Satan’s grip was loosed, the gates of hell were destroyed, and individuals now had a choice; slaves of spiritual darkness could be set free if they wanted it. And every day, people from all backgrounds are experiencing the life-changing power of God in this salvation that Jesus offers. And these will spend eternity with the one that bought them with his precious blood, in whom they believed. No wonder the Bible calls this “good news.”

Digging into the account of what happened, one finds souls seeking after God, and others trying to kill him, some are avoiding the point and living in denial, while still others are spiritually distancing themselves. It seems we can all find ourselves in the story somewhere.

I met with some of the pastors of the Ojai Valley this week to pray for you. We asked God that you would find your way to him this Easter, and for eternity. Our petition is that no one would miss out on what God is offering. But some will. A sad reality, I know, but Jesus revealed that many are simply not interested.  He said darkness is often preferred over light. Where do you fit?

I am confident that the authentic message of Jesus will be proclaimed at various locations throughout our community this weekend. Hope will be renewed for many and some will be born again. I assure you that you are not too busy to keep your appointment with Jesus; he loves you very much.

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