Soldiers in the Army of God by Dan Nelson

Naval Battle Groups were first used in World War II, primarily in conflicts between the United States and Japan. During the many years of the Cold War, the primary role of the Battle Group in case of conflict would be to protect Atlantic supply routes between the United States and Europe.  The role of the Soviet Navy would be to interrupt these sea lanes, which is a significantly easier task. Having no large aircraft carriers of its own, the Soviet Union would not pose a head-to-head threat of dueling carriers. Instead, the main mission of the Soviet Navy’s attack submarines was to lie in wait, shadowing every U.S. Battle Group, ready to strike and sink a carrier upon the outbreak of hostilities.  Because the American military understood this threat, they expended vast resources in anti-submarine weaponry and warfare.

Notice how much easier it is to disrupt than to instill safety and confidence. We had thousands of miles of sea-lanes to guard and the Soviets’ role in jeopardizing the integrity of those waters would be so much simpler.  It is always easier to create chaos and cause disruption than to produce peace and safety. Every father knows this. There are myriads of physical, emotional and spiritual dangers that could potentially harm your children.  The call to protect your home and family is a big responsibility, not to be taken lightly!

Most men grew up spending a lot of time wanting to be stronger. Many of us invested a great amount of hours in the weight room at school or at the gym working out. While building our biceps may have had some perks in terms of self-confidence, there is another type of strength that is needed more today.  Whether you can bench press 150 or 350 makes little difference in the grand scheme of things. But having the inner strength to impart wisdom to your children while giving them a role model worthy of their admiration and imitation, standing against peer pressure in the dorm room or on the job, and keeping your marriage vows without succumbing to sexual promiscuity or a loveless relationship, are things that really matter.

Many men have no idea where to go for the answers they need in dealing with the critical issues of life.  There is a common misconception that the Bible is difficult to read and understand or that its information will not be meaningful in a modern, technologically advanced society. As a result, many men struggle through life without real internal strength and wisdom.  Others deceive themselves having put on a mask of self-confidence and inner strength that is nothing more than a façade covering a hardened heart. The good news is that God has given you all that you need, and more! If you are willing to look to the truths of God in Scripture, you will see that God understands how men think and what we need.

Searching the Scriptures, you will tap into a powerhouse of access to all that you need to live a life of strength. Learning to live a deeply connected life with others who are on the same path is critical to total success.  Living the abundant life that Jesus described is an action-packed adventure.

The Bible describes the spiritual battlefield and our enrollment as soldiers in the army of God. We represent the Kingdom of Heaven as ambassadors of truth, righteousness, grace, and love in the name of our commanding officer and military chief, Jesus, the king of kings. As men, we are to be fully equipped and engaged as victors in Christ. I hope that you will be willing to accept your mission.

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