Is Christ Still Part of Christmas In Your Heart by Dan Nelson

Throughout the community, we see homes and businesses adorned with twinkling lights. Santa and his reindeer can be found on rooftops, front lawns, and in the center of the mall. In the midst of these, we find scenes of the Nativity — baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, shepherds, and the infamous three wise men.

History does not actually give us three wise men, but three particular gifts presented by a group of profoundly insightful seekers. The gold, frankincense, and myrrh are both practical and symbolic of the majesty


and purpose of the Christ child; His divinity and humanity, and the manner through which His time on earth would be completed in death, burial, and resurrection. Those who brought these gifts had been part of a long legacy of scholars that were advisors in many king’s courts. But to reference the guidance of the appointed star in the east is tantamount to submitting to the direction of the transcendent Almighty God. It was their call and mission, not to advise this King, but to worship Him.

Living in the age of information, we tend to place an extreme value on the accumulation of knowledge.  Since the birth of the scientific revolution, perspectives have changed on just about everything. The inventions of the telescope and the microscope opened up vast terrains for exploration to the curious.  New discoveries seem to be bombarding humanity faster than our ability to process. For some, it seems there is nothing beyond man’s ability to figure out. And these presumptions lead certain individuals to a crisis of faith. For others, every fact uncovered is peering at the fingerprints of God.

Our technological advancements have enabled us to create peace or make war, to communicate blessings or curses, and — at the click of a button — to fill our minds with good things or licentiousness.  We choose.  Whether in the global theater or at home, our choices are the result of what is in our hearts. Filling the brain does not redeem the soul. If it could, Jesus would have had a different method for saving the human race. It is fun that we use our achievements in technological advancements to reflect on timeless themes; energy-efficient L.E.D. lights replace candles, and make everything safer for all. We download the lyrics of classic carols to iPods and iPads so we don’t have to hum the parts we can’t remember. But, the message of the Scriptures still rings true on every corner of the planet — the fool has said in his heart there is no God and wise men still seek Jesus. What will you do? Is Christ still part of Christmas in your heart?

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